*This survey is meant for officially cleared Traffick911 volunteers only. Please do not share this link with anyone.

Internet Surveillance Interest Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in Traffick911's Internet Surveillance team. Due to the nature and sensitivity of this team's work, we ask that you complete the following questionnaire. This will ensure your personal gifts are being maximized as a volunteer for Traffick911. The Internet Surveillance Coordinator will notify you of the results. 

Name *
Have you been officially cleared as a Traffick911 Volunteer? *
Are you able and willing to commit to a minimum of one year as an Internet Surveillance volunteer? *
Days, times and hours are flexible.
Have you ever been the victim of, or had personal dealings with, child molestation or abuse? Conducting Internet Surveillance takes a lot of emotional energy. It can also cause triggers if you have had any abuse, especially sexual abuse, that has not been dealt with. We need to be confident that as a volunteer you have received counseling if you have suffered any kind of traumatic abuse. Disclosure of past abuse will not necessarily rule out your participation. *
This information is kept strictly confidential.
Do you struggle with or have you ever struggled with an addiction to pornography? This could include photos, videos, movies, books, magazines. *
This team requires additional training. Are you able to commit to this? *
Training typically takes place on a Saturday.
Due to the sensitive material you will be researching, do you have a laptop computer (within five years old) separate from the family computer? *
If you are selected for this team you will be required to bring your personal laptop to the full day I.S. training.
Do you have the support of your family as a potential Internet Surveillance volunteer for Traffick911? *
Would you be able to complete Internet Surveillance work when your family is not present? *
This team requires the completion of a detailed report for law enforcement in a timely manner. Are you committed to this type of work? *
As an I.S. volunteer, you will be doing the majority of your work alone. Much of it requires an extensive amount of research, sometimes with no results or outcome information on the results of your report. Are you comfortable working in this capacity? *
Which of the following computer skills below have you used within the last year? (check all that apply) *


Questions? Contact Vicki at isadmin@traffick911.com.