A glimpse of our impact in 2016...

Dear friend of Traffick911,

Last year, tens of thousands of American young teens were sold into sex trafficking - right here in the United States. This fact, as hard as it is to believe, seemingly reflects a societal lack of worth for each young life. But not you. You don’t look the other way. You choose to help us shed light in the darkest places.

As a Traffick911 supporter, you are an integral part of freeing these young people of great worth each year. It’s because of you that many victims are now free and are on their journey to healing and wholeheartedness.

This year, you’ve brought freedom to Maria, Savanna, Jasmine, Zoe, and 132 (and counting) other survivors who were being sold for sex prior to Traffick911 intervening.

Thank you for defending these lives. We look forward to partnering with you to free even more victims in 2017.

So that more can know their true worth,

George Lynch
Chief Executive Officer

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