First Responder / Professional Trainings

Traffick911 has trained thousands of first responders and professionals across the country including Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Police, TSA, Homeland Security Investigations, Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Juvenile Justice Department, county juvenile detention systems, local law enforcement, educators, medical personnel, Texas Department of Family & Protective Services, District Attorneys, counselors and other professions. 

Not only do we receive the highest evaluations, we have documented identifications and rescues out of our trainings. For instance before we trained Cook Children’s Hospital, they had identified zero victims of trafficking. Within 8 months, they had identified 11 victims.

This training explores the sex trafficking of minors in our communities through a victim-centered, trauma-informed approach, utilizing a handful of Traffick911 case studies. You will learn how children are targeted, the key vulnerabilities of at-risk youth, red flags to watch for, and reporting guidelines. You'll also gain an understanding of pimp manipulation, recruitment and power/control dynamics, as well as insight into the drivers of sex trafficking such as buyer demand, pornography and social media. 

Traffick911 trainings are customized for specific groups and contain information focused on the needs of that group.


Upcoming First Responder Trainings: