*This survey is meant for officially cleared Traffick911 volunteers only.*

Juvenile Detention Outreach Questionnaire

We're so glad you're interested in joining one of our Juvenile Detention Outreach teams! Please complete the below questionnaire. Someone with the Juvenile Detention Outreach team will be in touch after you submit this form. 

Name *
The juvenile detention facility requires an additional orientation/training and background clearance. Are you able to commit to this?
Do you have the support of your family as a Juvenile Detention Outreach volunteer? *
This outreach requires an extreme level of confidentiality. Do you agree to maintain confidentiality? *
Do you have experience working with girls 10-17? *
Have you ever been the victim of, or had personal dealings with, child molestation or abuse? When dealing with the juvenile detention population, the girls share their trauma with us on a continual basis which takes a lot of emotional energy. It can also cause triggers if you have had any abuse, especially sexual abuse, that has not been dealt with. We need to be certain that as a volunteer you have received counseling if you have suffered any kind of traumatic abuse. Disclosure of past abuse will not necessarily rule out your participation. *Your answers are confidential.
As a Juvenile Detention Outreach volunteer we do not share any of our own trauma or abuse with the girls in detention. Do you agree to adhere to this policy? *

Questions? Contact Juvenile Detention Volunteer Coordinator Kristin Rachel, kristin@traffick911.com.