• Deter the buying of children for sex
  • Cultivate community awareness that children are bought for sex in our cities
  • Leverage today’s heightened cultural conversation about sexual harassment/assault to conflate buying of sex as YET another form of illegal use of power. Paying for it doesn’t lessen the societal outrage – buyers of children for sex are child molesters.


  • Primary: Buyers of sex with children
  • Secondary: General public

Communication Channels:

  • Digital outdoor billboards (17 in Dallas County, 7 in Tarrant County, 2 in Denton County)
  • Website at thinktwicetexas.org
  • Social media via DA, PD, NGO channels


External Key Messages:

  • Children being sold for sex were lured with false promises of love, attention, tattoos or drugs by their trafficker/pimp.
  • These pimps control children through threats, isolation, violence, sexual and emotional abuse, malnourishment and drugs.
  • The pimp keeps all the money. The child keeps nothing.
  • Buying children for sex is illegal.
  • Buyers of children for sex can face felony charges for human trafficking. They can become a registered sex offender.
  • There is help and hope for sex addicts. Get help now. 

Community Deterrence Campaign Team

(formed at SMU Embrey Human Rights Symposium on September 14, 2017)

  • Katie Jahangiri, Concerned Citizen
  • Theresa Lim, Concerned Citizen
  • Brandy Lindsey, Concerned Citizen
  • Cathy Brock, High Risk Victims Task Force
  • Emily Freeborn, Children at Risk
  • Carmen P. White, former Administrative Prosecutor, Dallas County DA’s Office
  • George Lynch, CEO, Traffick911

Questions?  george@traffick911.com