Traffick911 Official Volunteer Survey

If you do not attend church or a place of worship, please disregard this survey in it's entirety. The purpose of this survey is to get a better understanding which churches and places of worship our volunteer base represents. We are not by any means 'checking up on you' and your attendance. We have seen that many churches are involved in the fight against human trafficking (or would like to be) AND are a great place to recruit volunteers - we'd like the opportunity to partner with them. 

Do you regularly attend worship services?
Is social justice/human trafficking on the radar of your church leadership?
Does your place of worship know about the work of Traffick911?
Does your place of worship financially support Traffick911?
Has your place of worship ever hosted a Traffick911 presentation?
Would your youth pastor/leaders be interested in joining Traffick911 as a presenter in their area schools of our new program “Hooked: Porn’s Hold on the Brain”?
Would your senior pastor/leader be open to a strategic conversation about church mobilization around engaging in the sex trafficking fight with Traffick911 CEO George Lynch?
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